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CRochette 14 1067
CRochette 14 1070
CRochette- Dinah Swanson with Orientation
CRochette- Jason Spaulding

It is the policy of Bay Ship & Yacht that SAFETY ON THE JOB shall receive first consideration in all of our operations.


Safety is Paramount.

All accidents, regardless of severity, are an indication that something is wrong with behavior, established procedures and systems, or the equipment involved.  As such, our goal is to provide a safe, hazard-free environment for our employees, customers, visitors and subcontractors, by identifying the hazards and mitigating them, before an accident occurs. We believe that safety, quality and production go hand-in-hand.


At BSY, we believe that our people are our biggest asset! It’s the goal of our safety professionals, that all employees leave the yard at the end of the day, in the same condition in which they came. As such, we require that all accidents are reported, whether the injury is severe or not, because it’s important to our ability to keep producing, that even the smallest scrapes are cared for. It’s important to us, that our people know that we care for their safety above all else.


We are tasked with ensuring that the environment in which we work is free of hazards; there are “beyond-adequate” systems and procedures in place, such as our “Take Five” and “Five S” programs, that ensure not only the safety of our people, but the safety of our customer’s assets as well. In keeping with this goal, we make concerted efforts on a daily basis, to not only meet the expectations of regulatory bodies, but to exceed them. We believe that the highest quality of work and the highest possible level of customer satisfaction can only be achieved through safe work practices.

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