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State of the Art Facilities


Our Alameda shipyard was designed and built as a state-of-the-art, 21st century ship repair facility with shops, equipment, supplies and personnel all located as close to the work site as possible. Our Syncrolift® and land based rail transfer system provide enormous flexibility by allowing ground-level 360-degree access around berthed vessels to complete all necessary work evolutions as efficiently as possible.


Our facilities include a 20,000 square foot building that houses our machine, fabrication, joiner, pipe and propeller shops. Lift machinery includes a 90- and 30-ton mobile cranes, a 30-ton crane on Dry Dock 1, numerous fork lifts, man lifts, trucks and a Gradall. Additional buildings include offices for management, customers and support personnel.


Each vessel berth is equipped with all utilities, including 110-volt, and 480-volt, three-phase electrical power, a cooling tower, fire mains, gray and black water connections and dry compressed air.

Bay Ship & Yacht Co.'s 21st Century Shipyard operates one of the safest, cleanest, most technologically advanced facilities on the West Coast. We continually invest in equipment and processes to keep our shipyard at the forefront of the industry.

HMB-1 dry dock

A 6,300-ton floating dry dock 

HMB-1 is the only covered dry dock on the West Coast. It can accommodate vessels weighing up to 6,300 long tons, and with a beam of up to 76 feet. It comes equipped with overhead cranes and full utility service. 



2,800 ton Floating Dry Dock

Dry Dock 1 is a concrete floating dock with retractable sideblocks. This dock provides a traveling crane on the wingwall, and comes with all utility services, including electrical, compressed air, potable water and gray and black water connections. It can dock vessels up to 390 feet. 



1,200 ton - 220 foot Syncrolift®

Bay Ship & Yacht’s Syncrolift® allows for quick and efficient haulout on movable cradles. 

A Syncrolift operates basically as an elevator platform that is lowered into the water with  ship-supporting cradles on it. The vessel is moved into place while the cradles are submerge; then the platform and cradles are raised out of the water. Because the cradles have wheels and rest on railway-style tracks, the vessel can be rolled onto dry land once the platform is raised, where extensive trackways take it to its work position.

The benefit to a vessel owner is a speedier haulout, requiring less manpower. Having the vessel on land means increased production due to ease of access. 


105,000 square foot dry berth work zone

Bay Ship & Yacht’s Syncrolift deploys vessels via 1,000 feet of track throughout our environmentally controlled and contained 105,000 square feet of dry berth work zone. Each vessel work zone is set up with a designated lay-down and storage area, 110-volt and 480-volt  electrical power, cooling tower, fire mains, gray and black water disposal connections and dry compressed air.




1,700 feet of dockside berthage at the Alameda yard

All project-required services and utilities are conveniently located directly adjacent to each berth, including 110-volt and 480-volt power, fire mains, gray and black water disposal connections, and dry compressed air.


1,860 feet of dock with fender piling

Bay Ship has a pier facility on Treasure Island in the heart of San Francisco Bay, which is available for yard overflow berthing and pierside ship repair. Originally designed by the U.S. Navy, Pier 1 is a solid concrete structure measuring 930 feet by 120 feet with fender piling. This secured and gated facility has full services, including 480-volt, 3-phase, 60 Hz electrical power, fresh water, and sewage connections. 


10,000 square feet of secure monitored storage capacity

For your project refit requirements, Bay Ship & Yacht offers a range of secure storage options to safely store your vessels' equipment. 

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