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Efficient service for rapid turnaround


At Bay Ship & Yacht, we service vessels up to 390’ and 6300 tons on our floating drydocks. We also lift vessels to 240’ and 1,200 tons with our state-of-the-art Syncrolift®. Each dry berth work station is equipped with power, compressed air, water and phone lines, with workshops, supplies and equipment strategically placed nearby. 



Bay Ship & Yacht Co. has a highly trained, regulatory compliant electrical team who assure safety, quality and reliability in everything that they do. Our electrical team has vast experience refitting vessels engines, generators, switchboards, control systems, steering systems, pumps, sensors, transducers and more. A specialty that stands out is our ability to design, build and integrate custom control panels and DC distribution panels for your repower needs.



Our SSPC QP-1 certified painters and quality control inspectors can handle all types of surface preservation — from hull and topside painting to tank linings to blasting and recoating chains. They are experts in the application of commercial coating systems, including: inorganic zinc, epoxy and new generation polysiloxane copolymers. Bay Ship & Yacht guarantees exceptional quality and compliance with environmental statutes in meeting the needs of our customers.

Surface preparation


Bay Ship & Yacht paint crews accomplish all types of surface prep including sandblasting, mechanical cleaning of steel and aluminum, sanding wooden boats and even sanding or sanblasting composite hulls. External and internal sandblasting is 100 percent contained so that no contaminants are released into the environment or vessel. Whether it's surface preparation to a tug boat, barge, work boat or superyacht, Bay Ship guarantees exceptional quality to exacting standards.



Bay Ship's pipefitters are experts in the fabrication and installation of new piping systems and the modification, repair and testing of all types of high- and low-pressure piping. Our pipefitters are experienced with all piping materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper nickel, PVC, etc. A specialty of our pipe fitters is converting salt water cooled engines to sealed fresh water systems through the fabrication and installation of keel coolers







Bay Ship's structural department is known for high-quality structural assembly and welding. The department is staffed with ABS and USCG certified welders, skilled in steel and aluminum, structural fabrication, new construction and repair. Our fabrication shop features the latest equipment including a CNC plate burner which cuts computer designs within one sixty-fourth of an inch. We can build anything from forged spar fittings for an historic sailing ship to a new 30-foot module for a 200-foot superyacht.



Our full service, in-house propeller shop provides propeller reconditioning and repair services ranging from 12-inch diameter boat propellers to 36-foot ship’s wheels. Bay Propeller services include: Truing, balancing and re-pitching, polishing, computerized propeller analysis and cupping and performance modifications. We are experts in welding exotic metals, crack detection, edge restoration, shaft straightening. ABS-certified shaft welding, as well as pump, impeller and bowl repair.



Bay Ship & Yacht is America’s premier shipyard for traditional shipbuilding and repair. We have built and rebuilt more traditional tonnage, in the last three decades, than any shipyard in the U.S.

Our specialized cabinet and carpentry shop provides skilled joiner services, including: wood and stainless cabinetry, doors and furnishings, veneered and colored panel systems, hard and soft wood decking, and painted or bright surface finishes.



Our team of experienced laggers provide all insulation services, including high temp engine exhaust lagging, hull insulation and heating and cooling system insulation. We are proud of our ability to make exhaust piping look like a work of art.



Our dockmen are overseen by some of the most experienced heavy ship lift operators in the country and have state of the art equipment at their disposal. Bay Ship & Yacht Co. offers to our customers a safe, professional and diverse docking facility. With the capacity to haul vessels up to 6,300 ton, 390' in length and 76' in width. 



We allocate significant resources and time to planning each project. This includes assigning a dedicated project manager whose sole mission is to ensure your complete satisfaction. Your project manager will oversee all elements of your project to ensure that your schedule milestones and quality objectives are achieved. He will meet regularly with vessel management to ensure coordination between owner requirements and shipyard activity.



Bay  Ship's Marine Machinists are experts in the installation and repair of main and auxiliary machinery and equipment including engines, pumps, motors, bearings, hydraulic components, deck machinery and valves. We specialize in the installation and alignment of main engines and line shaft systems, including Z-drives, Voith Schneider drive overhauls and the analysis and cure of vibration problems.



Our fabrication shop is capable of building anything from tanks to barges. We also do a lot of work for industrial markets, including the building of structure for new buildings. Our large shop is equipped with a full array of fabrication equipment, including a CNC plasma table which burns plate to closely engineered tolerances. Our certified welders work to ABS, USCG and AWS standards, all subject to inspection by our quality control welding inspectors.



BSY machinists are experts in all phases of propeller, shafting, bearing and shaft seal overhaul and repair. We provide custom machining services to precise standards, working with aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel and bronze alloys. Our machine shop features an ABS-approved shaft welding process and the capacity to turn a 40-foot propeller shaft.



Our expert hydraulic technicians repair and rebuild existing systems, fabricate complex new installations. We remove, overhaul, rebuild and re-install hydraulic cylinders of all sizes and systems. With the support of our engineering, electrical, machinist, piping and structural departments. Our hydraulic technicians are capable of constructing complete systems, installed and tested to ABS standards.



Our Engineering Department provides the technical support necessary to ensure that all structural, piping, electrical and mechanical systems are installed or rebuilt in accordance with applicable technical requirements. We can take your design concepts for a new-build, or alterations to an existing vessel, and prepare fully developed installation drawings to ensure full technical support for all work performed by Bay Ship.

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