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Leading provider for maritime services, committed to absolute customer satisfaction

Dedicated project managers who rigorously plan for your project in advance and organize regular review meetings to ensure your continued satisfaction.

Comfortable customer offices that include satellite TV, phone and fax service, Wi-Fi and hot and cold beverages; we even provide bicycles for travel around the yard. Customer lounge, conference rooms, dedicated customer parking,  restrooms and showers.

A well-stocked supply center with a full range of supplies to keep your crew working. 

The use of OSHA-approved stair towers — not ladders — for vessel access.

Bermed work zone contains all wash-down water and contaminants for treatment.


Customers will enjoy their time at Bay Ship & Yacht with access to a wide range of amenities at their disposal, including personal & secure office spaces, beverage fridge, high speed internet access, customer bicycles, customer lounge, conference rooms, VIP customer parking, customer dedicated restrooms and showers.


We allocate significant resources and time to planning each project. This includes assigning a dedicated project manager whose mission is to ensure complete satisfaction. Your project manager will oversee all elements of your project to make certain that your schedule milestones and quality objectives are achieved. Your project manager will also meet regularly with vessel management to ensure coordination between owner requirements and shipyard activity.


Our location in Alameda on San Francisco Bay, known throughout the world for its majestic beauty, means countless options when it comes to lodging, sightseeing, local events, world-renowned restaurants, shopping, museums and more. Whatever your interest or budget, you’ll find it waiting for you here in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Important information for your stay:

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