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CRochette- Welder Lead Training
CRochette- OMariano & JPerez & PWhelan PCI training
CRochette- Juan Rodriguez & Dinah Swanson with Orientation
CRochette- Alexander Perez & Clarence Cromwell PCI
CRochette- John Hassna  Justin Chisholm
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CRochette- Dinah Swanson & Damienn Plahn

BS&Y is a full service shipyard, and to support our employees and customers, we provide safety, trade skills and supervisory training for our employees and subcontractors. 


Initial training is provided by the Safety & Training Department, and includes a comprehensive orientation. During this course employees are put into hands-on workshops and required to practice through our safety policies and use safety equipment. During their first months as employees, many craft workers receive documented on the job training, and welders are placed into the welding school for ABS certification.


For more advanced employees, we conduct detailed and hands-on skills training, using internally developed training manuals. All of our skills training is done to simulate actual workplace scenarios, and is taught by craft experts. For many of our classes we’ve constructed mock-up training equipment, such as painting panels, a confined space or shipboard propeller jig.


As employees become more experienced, we look for external training opportunities, and learning experiences. For some crafts there are internationally recognized certifications, such as SSPC C7 & C12 or AWS CWI. We work directly with equipment manufactures to provide specific training, on the equipment used throughout the shipyard.


Our goal is to ensure that we provide excellent service to our customers, and we take every effort to ensure that our workforce is well trained.

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